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Environment: Celebration and Conservation Exhibition @Academy of Fine Arts

Join Simon Woolf and other celebrated artists in this unique Environmental Photography retrospective celebrating Environment and Conservation - 100 years of U.S. National Parks and showcasing our own beautiful local environment.

Opening Saturday morning at 10 am, this exhibition showcases fantastic local and international talent. Entry is free.

Ansel Adams, Ian Wilkinson, Mark Gilbert, Pete Souza, Ron and Georgie McKie, Trish Brennan, Mark Johnson The Late Eric Carter andThe Late Ron Woolf, all have works featured on the walls in The 100 Years Celebration of The USA National Parks Exhbition. Many of the works been printed by Master Printer Ola Thorsen. The Wellington Exhibition is exciting too, and has some familiar names, along with some new faces exhibiting.

The exhibition is beautifully curated by Julie Nevett, by one of New Zealand's premier art experts, and Simon Woolf is assisting curator.

Also worth noting:  The NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Huawei, The Bay of Many Coves, and a few other supporters will be promoting a recreational Photography Competition relative to Wellington, its Landscape, Wildlife and Natural Environment. 

To find out more, contact the NZ Academy of Fine Arts.