We are on The Cloud!


 Who would have believed that when Woolf Photography started in 1960 that in 2017 our Photography would be stored on The Cloud!


Woolf Photography are now very much on The Cloud.  We now have a platform where our photography  of you and yours, and also our own  Portrait, Wedding, Events, Fine Art, Nature and Landscape Photography is right up to best practice.  Images can be viewed, purchased  online, anywhere in the world, and then they are automatically archived for future reference. 

This is an exciting innovation, where our products and services can be accessed so much more easily. Our new process has the added benefit of being quicker, more efficient, and has a far more effective distribution method attached. 

Just to give you an example  we did an event a few days ago, which had a requirement for 100s of large files to be uploaded quickly  for the client to provide media releases.  The assignment commenced at 6.00pm and concluded at 10.00pm . The files were then edited  and uploaded to "The Cloud". Our client had access to the files to meet their 8.00am next morning  deadline. The clients images were password protected, and if required, they could have received the hi resolution images within an hour of "The Shoots"  conclusion. 

This new service has further great potential, and especially with Event, Jubilee, and Milestone Photography, where participants, and those further afield can view and purchase photos so much quicker than ever before.

 Best of all the pricing model is far more competitive and value packed too.

Please ring Grace on 917 6861 to book your  assignment now!