Considered framing options to align with your personal preferences.

Janet joined the Woolf team in 2008 and quickly established a reputation for meticulous attention to detail and the exacting quality of her work.

Coming to Wellington from the Philippines, where she operated her own custom framing studio in Manila, Janet introduced a fresh perspective on the profession and infused her extensive experience into the role of senior framer.


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, Janet has a keen eye for the synergy between art and its display medium, ensuring customers are offered the very best of what is available to present their piece.

Janet’s framing experience ranges from fine art, photography and documents, to craft such as embroidery and paper toll and includes clothing, fabrics and memorabilia.

Applying the Principles of Design to enhance the expressive content or the message of the work, Janet can recommend a variety of considered framing options to align with your personal preferences, so call Frames + today to see how we can help.