Our Team

Our Team   From Left: Grace. Customer Services Manager, Simon. Managing Director Photographer, Bianca. Photographer/Digital Specialist, Chris. Accounts Manager

Our Team

From Left: Grace. Customer Services Manager, Simon. Managing Director Photographer, Bianca. Photographer/Digital Specialist, Chris. Accounts Manager


“ I have been privileged in being part of such an amazing photographic family business, where there has been so many firsts and high standards set.

Photography as an occupation, art form and passion is something very special to me.

Whether its recording history, or creating art, through photography it is always stimulating and different day after day.

I have never lost the excitement of seeing an image produced in a darkroom, and now digitally, on a screen, and then in print. It has been such an honour to have been involved in such a evolving, creative and challenging craft and industry.

I so love the people aspects, the relationships which have been formed through events, milestones and occasions. Capturing “that moment” which becomes part of a person’s legacy is such an important responsibility and one I will never take for granted.”

I enjoy the diversity of what we do too! Whether it’s a Family Group, an Event, a Portfolio Shoot, or getting out into our environment photographing our landscape and wildlife it is always something special.

And now we have extended ourselves yet again by taking on board video, audio visual skills to also be able to capture personalities, events and activities in a web and social media sense.

Bring it on!


“I discovered my love for photography when I was 16 and studying photography at Palmerston North Girls High School.

Knowing what I wanted to do; I went straight from school to studying and graduating with a Diploma in Photographic Imaging in 2012

After travelling and living overseas; my partner and I found our perfect spot in Wellington in 2015 and truly feel at home here.

I have had great successes in Photography to date with gaining a Silver in NZIPP; runner up for the Canon Eyecon Awards, winning the Ronald D Woolf Trophy and I have also held 2 successful exhibitions in Palmerston North of my travel documentary images.

My personal favourite style is capturing documentary photos of people naturally and capturing true emotions.
Photography plays such a key role in how I see the world every day.
I love to capture life’s simple joys and find the beauty in everything and I hope to inspire people with my outlook.” 


“I was born and raised in Wellington and am very proud to live in such a beautiful, charismatic city. 

The majority of my life I was an international competitive roller skater, competing up to World Class Level. 

I also spent 5 years coaching young children and teenagers, taking them through to New Zealand Nationals. Naturally, I love kids so am very excited to start my own family one day.

I'm a foodie, meaning Wellington is the perfect place for me! In the weekends I enjoy trying new cafes and restaurants out, catching up with friends and spending time with my close family.” 

Travel is a huge passion for me too - I've visited 11 countries so far and have many more on my bucket list!! I really love to immerse myself in new cultures, try out their unique cuisines and embrace the beauty of different places. Santorini is my favourite so far...”


Chris is our Finance Manager, making sure all accounts and payments run smoothly. Chris has been with Woolf Photography since October 2016, so has been with us through earthquakes, a change in premises, and helped to move us into a modern new studio environment.  She is freelance so also helps other Wellington businesses to thrive.  Outside of work, Chris is a Mum, enjoys travelling and getting outdoors when possible.